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When is Spine Surgery Necessary?: Explaining the Criteria and Symptoms that May Lead to Considering Spine Surgery

Understanding De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: A Specialist’s Insight

Understanding Ganglion Cysts

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What patients say

I unfortunately got a facture on my left hand 2 weeks before my exams....but Dr Neeraj cured in before the exam. In my opinion he is the best in that game!

Sharwill Nilakh

one of best doctors out there he doesn't confuse you a wee bit was not able to walk or stand due to ganglion cyst spoke to many doctors he suggested me the right path and treatment now after many months I am able to stand thanks sir waheguru ji bless you and your entire team thanks

jaswinder karwal

The doctors diagnosis is really good. I had pain in the knee and the doctor diagnosed it well and gave the right medicine. Its working well so far. Recommended

Kunal Bhatia